I love video!

Yes…I do! And so do most people I think. I mean it’s in our lives day in and day out. Look at how Youtube is exploding as a platform with millions of users. I mean we all like seeing pictures moving fast (aka:video) and enjoy that with good audio combination. I mean Hollywood was based on that. But you don’t need to have the budget Hollywood has to make good video content. Whether we like it or not, social media has taken a good part of our lives and people spend countless hours on there mostly watching video. So even if you are a business person and trying to push your company forward, at some point you will need to work on video content for your followers. I mean you are in a great disadvantage if you don’t use visual information. It’s the way people communicate nowadays.

So I will say it again: I just love video because of the limitless opportunities it provides. I mean if a picture is worth 1,000 words, can you imagine what a video is worth? I know videos can be worth a lot of money, but that is a different story. Young children should be able to learn how to handle a camera and capture moments of their life: this will train them in using it for their jobs.

Loving picture is one thing, but loving video is a whole different beast. It includes visual effects, sound and a sense of complete understanding of the scenery because everything is so well connected together. Video can offer you romantic emotions, happiness, sadness or even fear. But of course, there is just so much more to the visual part of things. Imagine those horror movies the young teenagers love watching so much: is that only video? No! Of course not! Turn off the sound and the movie lost half it’s creepy uniqueness. So video is really a science. The Israeli background people that created Hollywood were a few of the most brilliant people alive at the time, and the people following in their footsteps are equally brilliant (or more.) I mean they understood how to capture America’s attention and keep them attached to the movie theaters and TV’s. It worked well for all: the business side of things, Americans, you name it!

Of course, as I’ve said before, we are going to be teaching you the ins and outs of video and video content creation, without needing to take out a mortgage or needing to find investors and sponsors. From the ease of your couch, you should be able to make meaningful and quality video content good enough to enhance every living being you are targeting. Companies have boosted their revenue greatly because of what they achieved through video. So please do not underestimate it. Its powers are great and wonderful!

Still didn’t convince you? That’s okay, I will in the next posts.¬†For now, you just kick back and wait while we unfold lots of information for you all that will make you a better photographer and greater video editor and manager.

Live from New York City, goodnight!