The influence of movies.

So today after I completed the first post for the day, I started thinking back to when I was starting out in video and filming and all that fun stuff. When I was starting way back as a student. One of the things that has always amazed me is the amount of influence movies can have on other people’s lives and thus, the power of movies and filming. To be honest, one of the main reasons I got in to this arena was because I wanted to be able to influence the emotions of other people. My intentions were purely good, so don’t think of me as an experimental crazy scientist. I just loved the way people reacted to visual information, regardless of whether that was true or fiction.

When you think of a movie, you don’t just say “the movie was great.” You probably do say that, but what you really mean is that all parts of it were so well put together: music was flawless, actors were incredible, lighting was perfect, lines read well, plot wasn’t boring etc. So movie is really a bunch of different things, being connected together and synchronized in the most amazing way possible. I’ve said this before: try watching a horror film and turn off the sound. It will look like a comedy to you, with funny looking people jumping out of dark rooms or climbing windows. The whole entertainment of the movie, is the sound that combines that visual piece of information. So in the horror film, when that monster jumps out and scares the living crap out of you, you would want to put a very interesting and scary sound to it. Not only that, but you would probably want to beef up the volume of it, to make it even more scary. I mean if you think of human psychology, it is so complex and that is really why the movie makers and directors can mess with everyone’s head.

Ever watched a movie where they somehow are able to make you feel compassion and empathy for the convicted criminal but showing you the way he is being mistreated in prison or in his life before? And then that movie ends, and you feel all sad about that person: even though he may have killed dozens of people. And that makes you feel awkward and maybe a little bit of a freak. Right?

That’s what I’m talking about. Why do you think the media outlets have so much power. I am not going to talk about radio or social media, but rather TV media. They show you footage of that starving baby and it just breaks your heart. Then they tell you that that child is living in China, when in reality he would be living in Taiwan but that wouldn’t grab your attention because you feel emotionally crushed by that starving baby. I remember a news report on CNN talking about some environmental issue taking place due to human activity and the sick eagle they showed on the footage, was actually in some completely different place than what they were reporting about. So influence through visual effects, isn’t always good nor has positive intentions. It can be used as a way to manipulate viewers and we all know the wonders the main stream media does (on both sides of the political arena.)

So never underestimate the power of a director and film maker. Do you remember how Las Vegas got so famous and people starting going their to feed their gambling addiction? Through those Hollywood movies that promised a place where you could pretty much party as much as you wanted and do whatever you wanted with no severe consequences. You could smoke, drink, sleep around, gamble and all that. As long as there was no spouse or family member watching, you could basically live the sin as much as you wanted and as much as your heart loved. You remember the old saying right? “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Well, you will always see that quoted in the movies – even modern day movies talking about Vegas. Of course they will never show you the people that have lost fortunes in those poker rooms – but they will only show you the glamour and private suites at the top of Caesar’s palace. In fact we know that the people responsible for building Las Vegas and making it the great tourist attraction it is today, reached out to their Hollywood friends and made deals for the promotion of it.

All I want to say is that, if you do in fact get into film, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. I am not saying, don’t make an extra buck or cut deals with the new Vegas tycoons to be created. But what I am saying is treat that power you have with respect and maturity.

Hopefully there was something you liked out of this 800 word article. So please, give me your feedback. And as always, come back for more!