Limousines In Movies

Today I’m on a roll! Third post for the day and am still standing. I think I really enjoy writing articles and hopefully you all enjoy reading them. Just a reminder, I’m out in NYC at the moment and I am just trying to give through this blog, as much value to the up and coming directors and film creators. Information is the most valuable thing you have, and sadly a lot of it is not free. So hopefully this makes it a little bit easier for you.

So this article will have a very strange theme to it – discussing about luxury in movies. Of course anyone would tell me that you don’t need to watch a movie to get a glimpse at a hot black limousine. However, limousines do tend to appear more in movies and especially when you see the gangsters riding around town or the business people in their suits and ties. So I just wanted to talk on the effect these luxury forms of transportation have on the audience: the people watching the movie. Lately I would have to say, limousines have shifted more towards business people and real estate tycoons than the gangsters. Al Capone type movies are much older movies, and those aren’t being produced nowadays so much.

The business side that is being represented in a lot of movies (as a result of the disaster in 2008-2009) is actually pretty true. I know a lot of it looks hype with all the luxury and all. But keep in mind, that these people don’t exactly pay for this on their own. These companies have set aside budgets for such events and luxury transportation. So don’t for once think that the members on the board of directors chip in on the limo bill. Also, a lot of the events are organized events for all sorts of companies. In fact, a few years ago, Steve Forbes was out in Charleston, SC with a bunch of CEO’s and important leaders of fortune 500 companies. Now, as you can expect, they would not be driven in little cabs or a Ford, but rather a Cadillac limousine. A very good friend of mine out in Columbia, SC who actually owns the company Limo Rental Columbia was asked by Forbes’s people to get his drivers out there for the event. Long story short, all the important business people that attended the event in Charleston were moving to and from the area of the occasion in some pretty awesome looking vehicles.

So the point I’m trying to make is that although many things we see on movies are hype, the luxury of the business people is in fact true. But besides that, what I wanted to focus on, was the capturing effect of the limo on the TV or movie theater screen. It automatically gives you an impression of respect and class. I mean never will you expect a limousine pull over in a film and let out a guy with a T-shirt and ripped shoes. Unless of course he was pretending to be some kind of hippy rock star. Going one article back, you will see my say that Hollywood made Vegas cool for people to visit. Well, the same thing took place with your limousines. You see the romantic couple that found their other half, and instead of going to church by bus, they take the luxury limousine filled with flowers. So what really happens, is, a domino effect takes place. You see it in the movie, then you practice it in real life (because you want to have that wedding you fantasized about and saw on the big screen) and then you demand to see it back on TV. Because if you are using a limousine in your special events, you sure want Scarlett Johansson to do so too. I mean, it doesn’t make sense for you to afford a limousine but Scarlett to not.

Not only that, but as I also said in that previous article, when the media is all over celebrities and you see the luxury weddings or celebrations they attend, you also want to be a part of that fantasy. So you may even put that limousine ride on a credit card, and figure out how to pay it further down the road. Not that it’s anymore expensive to use a limousine – but the reason it isn’t, is simply because everyone is using them now. In the beginning, it was only for the royalties, celebrities and people that had extra money to throw around on nice toys and experiences.

I think movies and video really bring that fantasy much closer to the audience and this way, people live dual lives. I mean people always look up to some celebrity or love some actor so much, that they try to imitate them in their lives. Movies simply allow that to happen. Scarlett Johansson can be two feet away from you…literally! You can even have dinner with her while she speaks those magic and romantic lines on set. It just makes it feel so real, that everyone starts experiencing those ideals and fantasies. Limousines are no different than that. It creates a need, an obsession to get into one, to have the private chauffeur while shoving down your throat glasses of champagne.

I love movies and I love limousines. Is that a fair statement? Limousines in this case are just symbolic of something you normally wouldn’t have, but now you are closer to that dream. Live the dream and live on. But as my good friend Hugh Hefner once said: Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream. 

So craft your own dream, and while doing that, always remember to send me an e-mail asking your questions and guidance in your film career. I appreciate you all so much for spending so much time daily on my blogs. Because time is precious, I will make sure you get the most valuable information out of me. Come back tomorrow for a lot more.