Oscars 2017 – Wow!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last…1 day first of all, send me a message so I can swear at you. But then, you probably have heard of the mess that took place yesterday at the academy awards. Yes…history was written and it was crazy! According to some news outlets, this has happened before, once. But you need to agree with me, this was funnier than Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue at the beginning of the event, when he joked about our new President and the “overrated” actress that also got a standing ovation.

So what exactly am I talking about? Well…for those of you that don’t pay attention to the news and media (although you should): A specific movie was supposed to win the best picture of the year award, and although initially people thought they gave the award to the right cast, in reality that was far from the truth. So “La la Land” was announced as the big winner. As you will see in the re-runs (just go on Youtube – you’ll find a bunch of videos,) everyone was cheering and having the time of their life, proud to be awarded that prestige honor. But then, realization struck that in fact “La la land” didn’t win but “Moonlight” and that cast won! The shame the announcers would of felt right?

Well, it turns out that the company responsible for counting the votes, in fact made a mistake in the counting process. Seems like they gave a few too extra many votes to “La la land” for no reason, and the result appeared to show them as the big winners. It is funny, because you would expect that at the greatest Hollywood show of the year, you would have the greatest professionals in the process (including announcers.)

Long story short, yesterday was a nice hit in the belly for Hollywood. And I don’t mean nice in a “happy way.” It just shows you that they are also human, capable of making mistakes and a making show of themselves. That’s a good thing! What I do need to say, is that Jimmy Kimmel plus one of the cast on “La la land” handled the situation pretty nicely. Considering the comedy of the moment, they were able to go on with the award and ensure Moonlight that in fact, they won and that wasn’t a joke either. I think the way Jordan Horowitz moved him self off the stage was brilliant. He understood that he lost the award right of his hands, but instead acted in a very humbling and mature way, by saying: it would be an honor for him to hand the award over to Moonlight. 

So, this is a pretty nice turnout of events, considering the mess that was created. Let’s put it that way.

What I find ironic though, is that earlier that evening they were making fun of public political figures (ahem White House) while they turned out making fun of themselves. I mean Jimmy Kimmel was pretty respectful. He couldn’t help but say something about politics, but at least he did it in a discrete way, without being very aggressive. I guess the only fault I saw, was when he basically called Trump a racist. You don’t do that on public television nor in such an event. For Heaven’s sake it is a film award. What do politics have to do with movies anyway? Politics should be politics, and movies should be movies. Not that hard to figure that one out now is it? But at least he was respectful towards that side of politics generally speaking. He made some decent jokes and that was okay. Besides, he made fun of some other actors also there. So it probably was more of an honor to mention Trump in the Oscars, than a disgrace.

We certainly are looking forward to a much better Oscar presentation next year, with fewer mistakes and a more sure win. Maybe they should in fact bring Steve Harvey to present the winners and do his monologues. He sure would be a little bit more funny than Jimmy. Goodnight Hollywood – you messed up a little bit but you’ll recover. Hopefully aspiring young artists looking for a fair shot at that dream will be able to get there some day and make them selves and families proud. Oscars are always a great reminder for those young people struggling to get a break through, that with hard work, dedication and a small dose of luck, they can make it. Just like Emma Stone did win and she is now happier than ever.

Okay, that’s all for now. More later.