Oscars 2017 – Wow!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last…1 day first of all, send me a message so I can swear at you. But then, you probably have heard of the mess that took place yesterday at the academy awards. Yes…history was written and it was crazy! According to some news outlets, this has happened before, once. But you need to agree with me, this was funnier than Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue at the beginning of the event, when he joked about our new President and the “overrated” actress that also got a standing ovation.

So what exactly am I talking about? Well…for those of you that don’t pay attention to the news and media (although you should): A specific movie was supposed to win the best picture of the year award, and although initially people thought they gave the award to the right cast, in reality that was far from the truth. So “La la Land” was announced as the big winner. As you will see in the re-runs (just go on Youtube – you’ll find a bunch of videos,) everyone was cheering and having the time of their life, proud to be awarded that prestige honor. But then, realization struck that in fact “La la land” didn’t win but “Moonlight” and that cast won! The shame the announcers would of felt right?

Well, it turns out that the company responsible for counting the votes, in fact made a mistake in the counting process. Seems like they gave a few too extra many votes to “La la land” for no reason, and the result appeared to show them as the big winners. It is funny, because you would expect that at the greatest Hollywood show of the year, you would have the greatest professionals in the process (including announcers.)

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Limousines In Movies

Today I’m on a roll! Third post for the day and am still standing. I think I really enjoy writing articles and hopefully you all enjoy reading them. Just a reminder, I’m out in NYC at the moment and I am just trying to give through this blog, as much value to the up and coming directors and film creators. Information is the most valuable thing you have, and sadly a lot of it is not free. So hopefully this makes it a little bit easier for you.

So this article will have a very strange theme to it – discussing about luxury in movies. Of course anyone would tell me that you don’t need to watch a movie to get a glimpse at a hot black limousine. However, limousines do tend to appear more in movies and especially when you see the gangsters riding around town or the business people in their suits and ties. So I just wanted to talk on the effect these luxury forms of transportation have on the audience: the people watching the movie. Lately I would have to say, limousines have shifted more towards business people and real estate tycoons than the gangsters. Al Capone type movies are much older movies, and those aren’t being produced nowadays so much.

The business side that is being represented in a lot of movies (as a result of the disaster in 2008-2009) is actually pretty true. I know a lot of it looks hype with all the luxury and all. But keep in mind, that these people don’t exactly pay for this on their own. These companies have set aside budgets for such events and luxury transportation. So don’t for once think that the members on the board of directors chip in on the limo bill. Also, a lot of the events are organized events for all sorts of companies. In fact, a few years ago, Steve Forbes was out in Charleston, SC with a bunch of CEO’s and important leaders of fortune 500 companies. Now, as you can expect, they would not be driven in little cabs or a Ford, but rather a Cadillac limousine. A very good friend of mine out in Columbia, SC who actually owns the company Limo Rental Columbia was asked by Forbes’s people to get his drivers out there for the event. Long story short, all the important business people that attended the event in Charleston were moving to and from the area of the occasion in some pretty awesome looking vehicles.

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The influence of movies.

So today after I completed the first post for the day, I started thinking back to when I was starting out in video and filming and all that fun stuff. When I was starting way back as a student. One of the things that has always amazed me is the amount of influence movies can have on other people’s lives and thus, the power of movies and filming. To be honest, one of the main reasons I got in to this arena was because I wanted to be able to influence the emotions of other people. My intentions were purely good, so don’t think of me as an experimental crazy scientist. I just loved the way people reacted to visual information, regardless of whether that was true or fiction.

When you think of a movie, you don’t just say “the movie was great.” You probably do say that, but what you really mean is that all parts of it were so well put together: music was flawless, actors were incredible, lighting was perfect, lines read well, plot wasn’t boring etc. So movie is really a bunch of different things, being connected together and synchronized in the most amazing way possible. I’ve said this before: try watching a horror film and turn off the sound. It will look like a comedy to you, with funny looking people jumping out of dark rooms or climbing windows. The whole entertainment of the movie, is the sound that combines that visual piece of information. So in the horror film, when that monster jumps out and scares the living crap out of you, you would want to put a very interesting and scary sound to it. Not only that, but you would probably want to beef up the volume of it, to make it even more scary. I mean if you think of human psychology, it is so complex and that is really why the movie makers and directors can mess with everyone’s head.

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Is it okay to shoot video everywhere?

So today we are going to talk about a very interesting topic that concerns most (if not all) video professionals and amateurs out there. Many times, you can not limit yourself to a studio: either because you don’t have a good enough studio or want something from the outdoors. So when you are trying say to shoot a short film that you are planning to show for a project of yours, or a company promotion and you need that picture that includes people passing by, or the tree’s branches moving around because of the wind etc, many times you are actually not allowed to film.

First and foremost, you are not allowed to film in public without a permit. So even when the Hollywood crews go out in public to do their stunts, they first need to get special filming permits. Doing that, will save you from many fines and headaches. Also, certain public places may not allow cameras and such video technology entering the building. For instance, you can’t go into a school and start filming students and teachers: it’s illegal. The good thing is, most of these make sense, and you ain’t going to find yourself in the middle of a problem saying “I didn’t know.”

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