Why NY Video School

Welcome to one of the greatest online schools for digital video classes. We are going to be teaching you everything about using a camera to capture video and basically use this wonderful art form that we have available right at the tip of our fingers. If you think about it, we are all always an arm reach away from a camera. I mean extend this thought and you can see that you are for sure an arm reach away of a smartphone. Guess what: that includes a camera in it doesn’t it?

So our goal here at NY Video School is to simply offer you the tools to go out and live the experience of digital video and photography. We will be giving you free advice and ideas to improve your video skills and learn how to create videos that look professional without needing the Hollywood budget.

We love our students, and being based out in New York City, it has been an amazing journey for all of us: giving and receiving lots of value and skills.

We welcome you to our family!